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Wunderlich  Wunderlich Tankbag Kit Camouflage

Item: Wunderlich Tankbag Kit Camouflage
Part Number: 20661-101

(Inc: VAT)
£ 183.26
For the following models
Wunderlich Tank Bag Elephant Kit Camouflage incl.
Base plate
We created and entirely new tank bag concept with a unique attachment method that had never been seen before.
This new tank bag features a solid base which is first attached to the tank.
The tank bag is then quickly and easily attached to the base plate by means of a tab that fits into the base plate.
Removal is just as simple and for those bikes where the “tank” is really a tank, we have designed an easy access flap to the filler, so that the base can remain in place.

The facts:
Extendable up to to 25 litres capacity.
Can be compressed (using perimeter zipper) to 15 litres.
Elastic compression band that can be adjusted and tightened (if the bag is not completely full when it is extended).
Creates a firm, stable unit.
Fast removal with one hand for fuelling (obviously not on bikes with the gas tank at the rear).
Maximal space efficiency, Strong grip and paint protection through usage of base plate.
Base plate can be quickly removed or stay on the motorcycle.
Quick mounting with Off Road securing.
Very large (A4) rotatable and removable map holder made of soft, strong PVC material.
Handy rubber zip for easy opening (180° opening) to insert and remove the map easily.
Zig zag rubber for fast removal, eg: gloves.
Protected interior compartment for a spare helmet visor.
Functional side bags with useful inner compartments.
E-connect: waterproof outlet for electric cables such as mobile phone chargers etc
Ergonomic zipper.
Blue inner lining for a better overview, everything can be found easily.
Hard PVC plastic reinforced walls to keep the shape.
Waterproof, dirt – resistant and Teflon – coated CORDURA: very strong, abrasion – resistant and will not fade.
Additional carrying system.
Can be used as a rucksack or shoulder bag with the straps supplied.
Ergonomic carrying handle.
Light weight.
Base plate and tank bag are offered separately, so you only need a new base when you change the motorcycle.
Soft, slip-proof base.
Protects against scratches on the tank (sticks like cling-film).
Removable multifunctional bag (optional) with practical compartments for commonly needed items.
Fast attachment integrated in the tank bag).
Made in Germany & Europe.


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